My name is Steve, and I work as a field service engineer on X-ray systems. I have a natural talent for problem-solving and an innate inclination and curiosity to analyze things to an almost obsessive degree :)

This curiosity and analytical bent of mind naturally led me to pursue a career in engineering in the Army and afterwards. I was a biomedical equipment repairer in the military with studies in biomedical electronics technology and coursework in electronics engineering technology. My academic career includes network systems administration and networking and communications management, with distinction.

In my personal and professional life, I've developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of our increasingly interconnected world. It's fascinating to see how technology has and continues to evolve so rapidly as it continues to transform our lives.

As a hobbyist I enjoy a pretty decent personal lab where I research and practice configuring managed networks (Cisco), computer hardware (PC), Operating Systems (Microsoft and Linux), Virtualization (VMware, Microsoft, Citrix), a BUNCH of software applications, and learning new things.

I've started this blog to share my knowledge and experiences as a hobbyist with like-minded people. I hope you've found some takeaways here helpful to your projects!

Let's collab!